Mini Mummy – Mummy’s perspective 

Everyday I watch my daughters grow, both emotionally and physically. Everyday Pinky looks more like Daddy…. Those big blue eyes that change in intensity depending on her mood and tiredness (exactly like Daddy’s), the dusty blonde hair, the face shape. Perky has a few more of my features, darker hair, rounder face, but still those beautiful blue eyes. I wouldn’t change it for anything, truth be told the blue eyes were the one thing of my husbands I was desperate for our children to inherit… But emotionally Pinky is ALL me! She doesn’t just copy me and my mannerisms, she has my deeper personality, the thought processes that make me Me. This of course has both pros and cons. 

  1. We clash…. Regularly! She knows exactly how to push my buttons. I know this is a ‘trait’ of all children but I swear she has an unfair advantage! This also works the other way. Although I know her ‘triggers’ it can be really difficult after being moaned and shouted at for an hour not to accidentally make things worse out of frustration!
  2. She has my good and my bad traits. I don’t mind nurturing the traits I deem to be good but it’s very difficult to see the bad ones in my daughter. I don’t mean bad as in naughty or nasty, just the insecurities… The need for comfort and reassurance. A lack of confidence with lots of other children. I didn’t think this was that odd and she certainly isn’t on any ‘spectrum’ but she naturally prefers smaller groups… Not a devastating issue but I remember feeling very ‘lost’ in big groups and even now I struggle in groups over about 6 people. So now I do my best to help he feel comfortable in all situations… Hopefully this will improve in time.
  3. Daddy gets a bit of a raw deal…. He has two women in his life that can be temperamental at exactly the same time! But then again…. Get used to it! One day they will be teenagers and even if little Perky turns out to be more like Daddy two teenage girls will be a whole other hurricane! 
  4. She is stubborn. As an Ox. Enough said.


  1. I can bend her to my will! It can take me a while to remember but she has the same emotional triggers as I do. Even at 2 1/2 she feels a rudimentary form of guilt…. And yes I have been known to use this to my advantage. Judge all you like the child is in bed getting the vital sleep she needs! 😉 no longer screaming at the door or sleeping on the floor as soon as I leave the room. And this was achieved without the usual bribe of chocolate buttons… Mummy win.
  2. We enjoy the same things. Even at this young age she is a Disney fanatic. Apparently I would sit and watch Disney films all day, over and over…. So does Pinky! I actually have to ration her film time these days…. Not that she just sits there, she gets up and dances to all the songs and sings to any she knows. And cake…. Anything involving cake and she is happy…. And so am I!
  3. She loves to learn. So do I. I’ll learn about anything I’m interested in and some things I’m not if I’m in the mood for knowledge. I really hope this doesn’t fade, I hope I can keep her passion for learning alive throughout her school years and beyond. I don’t expect either of the girls to be genius children, only that they apply themselves and do their best. However, I know that that is more achievable if you get some enjoyment out of learning and not just the subject you are studying.  

We have two beautiful daughters and one of them doesn’t just mimic me, she is very naturally like me…. Time will tell which personality Perky is more like. 
Good luck Hubby x 


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