Am I allowed to miss them? – Daddy

Everybody has diffrent motives for getting up on a Monday morning and going to work. Mine, well thats easy. Pinky, Perky and Mummy. Thats all, provide them with what they need. Somewhere to live, something to eat, and for them to have clothes on their backs.


Errr… not exactly. Monday morning…Alarm starts going crazy…snooze snooze snooze.  O S*** I’m running late. Car Keys, Wallet, laptop…now where did I leave that?  In the car; traffic – a nightmare. Finally make to the office in perfect timing someone else has just boiled the kettle.

5 times this week I will do that and each day it will get harder. Not because I don’t like working (I don’t, but I like the money).  It gets harder because every day I miss my family.  I miss their laugh’s, their cry’s and their smiles. I wonder what I miss when I’m not there. The dance that has the big finish, the laugh that just doesn’t stop, the dinner all over the floor, the drink’s bottle that has now been turned upside down and is leaking onto the floor while Pinky laughs at it.

If I wasn’t at work, I would never get the welcome home smiles, the cuddle and the look at of joy from Mummy. I’m sure its the type of joy which means I can help.

Until next time…



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