Time Check – 00:16

Yep quarter passed midnight.

Another night of mis-matched sleep. Thank goodness for Apple and the ‘bigger’ iPhone. I’d be lost without it to keep me company while listening to the Winnettes snoring.

I can hear the morning coming. “Why you tired Daddy?” As I get our eldest up to take her to nursery. The tone of her voice crushes me. I think to myself “Because I dont want you to have to suffer how I am now”. When I say suffer I’m talking about the mental strain of worry and the isolation of get up, GoTo work, get home, bed time routine, dinner, crap TV for an hour, bed, repeat. Worry that business is going to go well and Lady Luck will top up my hard work. Worry that the girls are developing as they should. Worry that my wife has everything she needs for her and for the girls.

I celebrated a birthday milestone last week. 30. Not a big deal to some. A big one for me. My twenties went from being a complete clown to married to the most amazing women and 2 beautiful daughters.

Time Check 00:47  Goodnight all.


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A Mummy to Ellie (4) and Trixie (2), blogging about Family, our Lifestyle & Baking. I am completely Pinterest and Instagram obsessed. Currently finding my feet as a new school mum and staying alive courtesy of coffee.

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