The Man in the Red Suit – Daddy

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Like many parents this time of year, we are busting our behinds to let the man in the red suit take the credit for Christmas.

When our oldest daughter looks at me with a peaceful sincere look and says “Thank You’ for something it fills me with joy and makes me think that working is worth while. Now, on Christmas morning some f**ker is taking all the credit for all our hard work. I’m not sure where I stand on this… OF course, I will be full of Christmas cheer as will the rest of us but their will be a small nagging in my mind.

On another note: I’ve seen blog post this week from another Dad that has gone viral. He takes picture of his Wife resting with their son.  His Wife is a nurse.  This hits me hard, in fact it hits me so bloody hard that I want to send him some beer.  Hats off to him! My wife is Nurse and I can relate to him 100%.

Daddy X


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A Mummy to Ellie (4) and Trixie (2), blogging about Family, our Lifestyle & Baking. I am completely Pinterest and Instagram obsessed. Currently finding my feet as a new school mum and staying alive courtesy of coffee.

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