I Need Your VOTE (please)

Gooooood Morning/Afternoon/Evening/Night everyone!!!! How are you all? Well that’s 2016 done. I’m in the ‘thank goodness for that!’ camp. How about you?

This is a very different type of post for me….. I need your vote! The Tribal Chat blogger awards are open and I would be thrilled/ecstatic/over the flippin’ moon if you would vote for me. Of course normally I would let fate take its course but in the interest of being more bold this year (one of my goals) I thought I would partake in some shameless self promotion.

There are plenty of categories and I am not completely sure which category my blog fits into; potentially there are a couple of suitable ones. I would love to win the foodie award because although I concentrate on baking mostly I have really enjoyed making some special recipes for the blog. If you are unsure what I do please check out my Christmas Brownies, Iced Gems or my Salted Caramel Fudge posts.

I would also love to win the best writer category, as that is why I started blogging in the first place, to rediscover my love of writing. It has taken me a while to gather confidence in my writing again but I feel some of my best work is always the stuff I am most nervous to push ‘publish’ for. Especially the case with Bonding with Bottle Feeding and Science: Is it right this time?

You can vote for me once in a maximum of three categories. The rules are further explained HERE, which also has the link to the voting page with a list of all the eligible bloggers. This is kindly being run by Mummy in a Tutu and Sponsored by Maryland Cookies (OMG yummy!)

You don’t have to be a blogger to vote, just willing to take a little time out of your day to make my day. Actually winning is likely going to make my year so no pressure!

Thank you in advance. My apologies for the New Year begging, normal service of cakes and parenting will soon be resumed.



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Flower lover, home baker, creative photos & mindfully reducing our waste. Blogging all about it along the way.

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