Am I allowed to miss them? – Daddy

Everybody has diffrent motives for getting up on a Monday morning and going to work. Mine, well thats easy. Pinky, Perky and Mummy. Thats all, provide them with what they need. Somewhere to live, something […]

Mini Mummy – Mummy’s perspective¬†

Everyday I watch my daughters grow, both emotionally and physically. Everyday Pinky looks more like Daddy…. Those big blue eyes that change in intensity depending on her mood and tiredness (exactly like Daddy’s), the dusty […]

Goals – Daddy

   My Parenting Goal: Mould Pinky & Perky like clay into individual people with manners, drive, ambition, determination, a sense of humour, and to care about what they do (work or play). Be as good […]

Patience is a virtue…

Children must leave behind a special kind of patience in their mothers when they are born. I do not possess much patience naturally. I never have. Yet somehow I am finding the patience to let Pinky […]

Tuesday – Mummy

I like Tuesday. I always look forward to Tuesday. It’s the day of the week where I get to spend the whole day with Perky by myself. Pinky goes to nursery for the day, we […]