Elf on the Shelf: Week 3

Well Sparkle Heart (seriously Pinky did that have to be her name?) has been with us a little while now and it is starting to show….! The cheeky madam seems to have had a little party for one on Friday night!

Day 15:


Day 16:

Naturally on Saturday she was a little hung over! So she decided it was best just to sit and watch the girls play rather than getting up to mischief.


Day 17:

Back up to her old tricks again of irritating me whilst making the girls laugh… She was found sledging down my precious Christmas Tree! She knows no one is allowed to touch my tree other than me!


Day 18:

Next up in ways I can annoy Mummy whilst making it fun for the girls… Light swinging! I mean seriously Elf!


Day 19:

This morning Sparkle Heart delivered the girls letters from Santa.  They loved them!


Day 20:

We found Sparkle Heart chatting to her new best friend, Mr. Snowman (imaginative I know!)


Day 21:

Sparkle Heart bought the girls some lovely new toys to play with; a food set for their kitchen.  She also discovered that she isn’t the only elf in the house…. Shock! Horror!



Elf on the Shelf: Week 2

Well this week has been a super busy week for us! It is the last week of preschool and boy can we tell! We are all so tired, the girls have been going to be a little earlier to try and help, it is having little effect.  Hubby and I can barely speak past 8pm but of course once in bed we are wide awake.  Why is that?

We put up the tree at the weekend and went through each and every stage of decorating it. When we moved into our house a few years ago we found an abandoned Christmas Tree in the loft, so now each year we get it down and the girls have it in their playroom.  They can decorate it and ‘destroy’ it as much as they like so they don’t disturb the main tree too much.  We took then out to choose a cheap pack of decorations to put on the tree. Naturally they chose pink and sparkly!

Following that I have been making a Santa cake for my Grandma (professional photos to follow).  My Uncle and his daughter have come over from Australia for Christmas as she asked if I could make them something.  This took up all of nap time and some of the evenings so the days have been spent getting the girls out of some fresh air and finishing other little jobs: the online shop, getting some bits from HobbyCraft etc…

The tumble drier broke last week, we had a company come out the next day but they had to order in a part.  That is now finally fixed so I have a mountain of washing to do.  I kept on top of some of it but in the absence of being able to hang cloths outside t dry i was running out of space! Never again will I underestimate my love of the tumble dryer.

As busy as we have been it looks like our Elf, Sparkle Heart has been even busier rushing between here and the North Pole.  I’m sure she is glad her job only lasts for 24 days a year. See what she go up to last week here.

Day 8

She bought the girls a Bug Puzzle with a ‘fishing net’.  They loved this and played really nicely together (after some not-so-gentle persuasion from me).


Day 9

This was a Friday, she was obviously getting tired because I walked in and found her attached to my wine.  I was not impressed! If she goes anywhere near my gin I will throw her back to the North Pole myself!


Day 10

She got the decorations out for the girls to do the tree.


Day 11

She hid herself in the girls tree along with some Santa shaped chocolates that they had to try and find. (They didn’t take long to find then all, when chocolate is involved they don’t waste anytime!).


Day 12

Sparkle Heart had a riding lesson from Barbie.


Day 13

She took a ride on the Santa Express.


Day 14

To ensure the girls spend their last 10 days behaving her found a very good vantage point in the light of the playroom!


Tune in next week to see what Sparkle Heart has been up to in Week 3.

Elf on the Shelf: Week 1

We had a little visitor arrive this December.  She turned up unexpectedly on December 1st in her little box and a book explaining everything about her.  Quickly Pinky chose her name: Sparkle Heart (obviously!).  Miss Sparkle Heart found her way to the bookshelf very quickly where she was very comfortable for her first day, with a good view of the girls and their playing.

Day 1

The second day she arrived back in the house with some North Pole snow, Pinky had requested some the day before and Sparkle willingly obliged.  This snow was magic and it didn’t melt!  How cool is that?

Day 2

The third day Sparkle bought a north pole breakfast with her.  Pancakes, pain au chocolat, crumpets, maple syrup and sugar! There was far too much sugar on the table for my liking but fortunately the girls were spending the day with their grandparents so I wasn’t too worried.

Day 3

Day four and we adults found ourselves a little ‘tired’ after a childfree night.  We may or may not have found ourselves drinking cocktails in London… I refuse to confirm the rumours *cough*.  So luckily I persuaded Sprinkle Heart to put on Paw Patrol for the girls, it was too cold to go outside anyway. *cough*

Day 4

We awoke to Sparkle Heart reading to some of the toys on Day 5.  It was very sweet and they all seemed to be enjoying ‘The Night Before Christmas’.  That girls head really freaks me out… I am forever catching sight of it in my peripheral vision and thinking someone is stood watching me… I must find a box to hide it in!

Day 5

The sixth day Sparkle bought with her some figurines to paint.  A little cat and a dog.  Pinky chose the cat so Perky had the dog (this is not a problem she prefers dogs anyway).  Apart from me having a bad day this brightened it up a little.  Well that is until the fights over who the paint pots were closest to! Honestly, some days I wonder why I bother!  It may also be best to skirt over the fact that Perky tried to eat the paint. Twice!

Day 6 

Day 7 and Sparkle seems to be having a Celebrations HotTub.  This was actually very well timed.  The girls are both a little poorly and we are all very tired so I set up a little resting area in the lounge and put on Christmas films.  We ate the chocolates and popcorn and completely chilled out! It was the perfect Hump Day.

Day 7

Tune in next week for the next instalment!