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The Light at the End of the Baby Tunnel

So there are many reasons people decided they are done with children. We are done with two. We feel complete. We also cannot ignore the fact that my body couldn’t physically cope with another pregnancy. […]

What I want my Daughters to know

As days pass by and I see my daughters develop into their own independent little ladies, I often wonder what sort of women they will become. This isn’t something I particularly worry about. Perhaps I […]

Holy Crap I turn 30 next week! 

I turn 30 next weekend. I’m not really sure where the last year has gone let alone 30 of them!  I’m OK with it though. Hubby really struggled turning 30 a few months ago, he’s […]

Vienna – a romantic December weekend

So, let’s start with the worst part… Leaving the girls. Ok, so it was only for 2 nights, my mum was looking after them and knew they would be absolutely fine…. But when it actually […]